PowerWood Corp. | 1825 Tower Road, Agassiz, BC V0M 1A2 | 604-882-WOOD (9663)

Western red cedar production yard

aerial photo, powerwood lumber yard

What we look like

With over 35,000 square feet of dry space, a full re-manufacturing facility and all offices and operations on site, we are set up in a way that allows us great control of our inventory and production. Everything is within arms reach, flexible and available for constant improvement and monitoring. We keep our facilities clean and tidy. All lumber is catalogued in the computer by its exact location and inventory is done on a regular basis.

Our operations are built around flexibility and consistency

PowerWood offers a wide range of products in western red cedar and we have set our production yard up to support quick access of our inventory and fast changeovers from one run to the next. We have systems in place for splitting out pieces and for custom sorting, grading, surfacing and running all kinds of custom patterns . We stock all of our inventory rough and produce products only once they have been ordered. This keeps our equipment free from lengthy runs and allows us to turn on a dime. We also produce (cut) all of little bit better than the grade rule every time and keeping our QC people’s skilled eyes on the wood helps ensure that we maintain this standard. The hands on approach also ensures that we get the most value out of our wood: we are able to smooth the costs from high recovery runs to low recovery runs so we are able to keep our prices consistent.

PowerWood offers a full range of remanufacturing equipment