Alaskan Yellow Cedar

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PowerWood produces and stocks Alaskan yellow cedar (AYC) lumber. It’s sometimes called Callitropsis nootkatensis, yellow cypress, Alaskan cedar, Nootka cypress or simply yellow cedar. Known for our motto “Custom Cedar Done Right,” PowerWood offers a full range of vertical grain Alaskan yellow cedar, mixed grain, knotty, and other appearance quality options. We provide various grades and tallies, allowing us to create custom patterns and job lot tallies for all your architectural Alaskan cedar needs.

Tailor-Made Tongue and Groove Patterns

The yellow cypress lumber from PowerWood is versatile. It can be processed into one of our many tongue and groove patterns. Alternatively, you can distinguish your project with Alaskan cedar siding. Keep in mind, we are always ready to pull specified tallies and provide long lengths of cedar timbers.

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Yellow cedar wood is more available in Canada and the US than it has been in past years. Historically, it has been underharvested in BC and the largest volume of it was shipped to Japan. Recently North America has seen better and more consistent availability of yellow cedar.

This trend is likely to continue. The shift in harvesting in coastal BC now favors more yellow cedar. Simultaneously, there is a decreased demand for yellow cypress lumber in Japan. This shift is a result of harvesting in Japan, where native species planted after WWII have matured.

Superior Rot Resistance and Strength for Exceptional Exterior Applications

Yellow cedar is great for exterior applications as it’s heartwood has high rot resistance qualities. It is also very strong, smooth and produces almost no splinters. This makes it a superior softwood decking species.

Offering a wide range of Alaskan Yellow Cedar lumber products.

An excellent option when strength, durability and beauty are required.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Product Description:

Alaskan yellow cedar (AYC) lumber products are a popular choice among architects, builders, and homeowners due to their exceptional durability, natural beauty, and structural strength. PowerWood offers a wide range of yellow cedar lumber products to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Tongue and Groove

Among our highly sought-after offerings, AYC tongue and groove stands out as a favorite. Tailored for both interior and exterior applications, such as paneling, siding, and ceilings, this product offers versatile solutions to meet diverse design needs. Shifting to our Alaskan yellow cedar custom profile products, these are offered in a range of sizes and grades, presenting an expanded array of options to cater to your specific project requirements.

Outdoor Applications

We also offer Alaskan yellow cedar timbers, decking, lumber and cedar siding products in various dimensional sizes and grades. Leveraging the natural resistance of Yellow cedar to decay, rot, and insect damage, all of PowerWood’s Custom Yellow cedar products are exceptionally suited for outdoor applications such as decks, pergolas, and arbors. This innate durability ensures longevity and performance in various outdoor settings.

Want to Customize Your Alaskan Yellow Cedar?

We will meet your profile and tally specs.

At PowerWood, we understand that every project is unique. Therefore, we offer a wide range of customization options for our Alaskan yellow cedar lumber products. Our team of experts can collaborate with homeowners, architects and builder to create custom solutions that precisely meet their specifications and requirements.

With almost limitless customization possibilities, we can tailor our cedar products in various ways, including size, grade, and profile. For instance, we offer tongue and groove in custom widths and thicknesses, along with different grades to suit the specific needs of your project. Additionally, we can provide cedar timbers in custom lengths, widths, and thicknesses, ensuring they align perfectly with your structural requirements.

Custom Siding Profiles

Beyond size and grade customization, we extend our offerings to custom profiles for our yellow cedar siding products. This empowers specifiers to select the perfect profile for their specific architectural style and design preferences. We specialize in creating unique custom profiles that make your Alaskan yellow cedar siding stand out, adding a distinctive touch of natural beauty to your home or building.

In essence, PowerWood’s ability to customize lumber products stands as a key advantage for our customers. We take pride in working closely with our clients to craft custom solutions that precisely meet their specifications and requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our customization options for Alaskan yellow cedar and to kickstart your unique project.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Alaskan yellow cedar and how it can be used in your next project, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team at PowerWood. Our team of experts can provide you with all the information you need about our high-quality lumber products and can work with you to create custom solutions that meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more and to start your next project!

Where do I find Alaskan Yellow Cedar?

Contact us and we will get you a quote or direct you to a local source!

In British Columbia and a few other select regions, PowerWood will sell direct to contractors and users. Outside of this region, we have a broad network of distributor and retailer partners in North America and around the world. Get in touch with our premium Alaskan yellow cedar experts today to get a quote or some sound advice!

Want to Customize Your Cedar?

PowerWood can manufacture any profile of Alaskan yellow cedar from standard book patterns to unique profiles for a single use – cut to order for your special requirements.