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At PowerWood, we don’t just make the grade;
we ace it!

In terms of sustainability and durability, Western red cedar and yellow cedar are woods that can outperform every building material on the market. But this wood’s biggest draw has to be its innate beauty. That’s why Cedar Timber is almost always sold exposed – hey, why cover up something that looks so good in the raw?

With that in mind, PowerWood’s stock of cedar timber is built around the species’ superior aesthetics. Our stock is either all clear of knots and defects or is select tight knot.

For further quality control, PowerWood experts inspect every piece before it’s shipped out and hand-select custom orders to exact specifications. We also stock a wide range of timber sizes, from as small as (4×4) to as big as you need them. Just tell us your building needs and we’ll size up the situation right there on the spot.

Knotty Cedar Timbers

There is a fine balance between fiber quality, knot quality and the cost of the material. We invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that all of our timbers ship out to customer specs…

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Clear Timbers & Full Sawn Green Clear Timbers

Cut predominantly from old growth logs harvested from multiple locations in British Columbia, many of our timbers and full sawn clears are customized on site for a high end decorative application, so we always target defect free timbers…

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We Know Cedar!

Searching for the perfect profile for your building needs? Our team of experts are here to help.