Custom Cedar Products

We carry a large variety of Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar lumber, specialty products, and custom patterns. The following pages have a summary of the products we carry.

Powerwood Customized Cedar

At PowerWood, we don’t just make the grade; we ace it! No hit-or-miss quality here. We consistently deliver premium cedar products on time, on grade and on budget…

Cedar Timber

Cedar timber can frame an elegant West Coast contemporary project, beautify a log home, enhance a backyard project – the list goes on and on…

Logs & Poles

Typically, poles are sold by the piece for decorative posts in high-end homes and commercial buildings; in ski resorts and “cabin country” type applications…

Cedar Siding, Paneling & Trim

Precision moulding. Highly scrutinized grading. Custom trimming – you name it and PowerWood can do it. We provide customers with the exact product required…

PowerWood Custom Patterns

PowerWood can manufacture any profile – from standard book patterns to unique profiles – cut to order for a customer’s special requirements…

custom cuts
select grade lumber

Specialty Cedar Products

You name it, PowerWood can do it!

PowerWood offers a wide range of products in Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar and we have set our production yard up to support quick access of our inventory and fast changeovers from one run to the next. We have systems in place for splitting out pieces and for custom sorting, grading, surfacing and running all kinds of custom patterns.

We stock all of our inventory rough and produce products only once they have been ordered. This keeps our equipment free from lengthy runs and allows us to turn on a dime. We produce products slightly better than the grade rule every time, and our skilled Quality Control people ensure that we maintain this standard.

PowerWood Facilities


Searching for the perfect profile for your building needs? Our team of experts are here to help.