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#2&BTR No Hole Western Red Cedar

#2&BTR no hole

We have regular runs of two inch rougherheaded cedar. With our Stetson Ross line and regular supply of coastal cedar material, we are well positioned to sell full packs and full truck loads of competitively priced #2&BTR no hole. We produce a quality board that is always well received by our customer base.

For further quality control, PowerWood experts inspect every piece before it’s shipped out and hand-select custom orders to exact specifications. We also stock a wide range of timber sizes, from as small as (4×4) to as big as you need them. Just tell us your building needs and we’ll size up the situation right there on the spot.

We Know Cedar!

Searching for #2&BTR No Hole Western Red Cedar for your building needs? Our team of experts are here to help.