The PowerWood Story

British Columbia's premier environmentally friendly producers of customized value-added wood products.

Our Legacy in Wood: Nurturing Roots, Crafting History

Our History spans over the past 29 years, during which PowerWood has cultivated a robust business grounded in relationships, viewing our products not just as commodities but as a service.

From its inception in October 1995, when Steve Power founded PowerWood in the basement of his Coquitlam, B.C. home, the company has witnessed remarkable growth. What started as a one-person venture has evolved into a thriving enterprise with over 40 employees at our advanced remanufacturing facility in Agassiz, B.C.

This facility, geared to produce a diverse mix of specialty and commodity products, is strategically set up to oversee the entire process — from handling raw materials to crafting the finished products. The growth and success of PowerWood have been deeply rooted in Steve’s early emphasis on fostering relationships and treating products not merely as items but as a service.

These core values continue to permeate the ethos of PowerWood through each generation. Our profound passion for enhancing British Columbia’s abundant wood resources has been a driving force in shaping our rich history and propelling us toward continued success.

History - Building

Surrey, BC Facility

The business experienced steady growth, and within a few years, Steve introduced quality control, administrative, and sales staff. All customized manufacturing was outsourced to businesses in B.C., and our inventory found a home in a leased yard in Surrey. By 2002, PowerWood boasted around 21 employees, prompting Steve to acquire a 5-acre distribution yard in Surrey.

Over the next six years, our sales and customer base continued to expand, marking some of the best years in the company’s history. Profits were reinvested to enhance the lumber yard, and we introduced in-house manufacturing by adding equipment. In 2006, our first resaw and chop saw were acquired, and by the summer of 2008, a Weinig moulder was installed. PowerWood was swiftly transforming into the manufacturer we are today.

Leadership Transition: Charting a Course for Excellence

In 2011, Steve Power retired and was succeeded by the ownership team of Jake Power and Dustin Elliott. While Jake spearheads the sales force, Dustin takes charge of operations. Both have been instrumental in the extensive revitalization of the company’s operations, sharing a dedicated commitment to propel PowerWood forward through unwavering quality, top-notch service, and steadfast consistency.

As our business rapidly expanded, the Surrey site reached its capacity. Consequently, a strategic decision was made to seek a new location that could better accommodate our flourishing operations and align with our vision of transitioning into specialty manufacturing.

Move to Agassiz, BC

In the summer of 2021, we completed our relocation to the new Agassiz facilities, situated on 12.2 acres in British Columbia’s picturesque Fraser Valley. These facilities are positioned on the traditional territory of the Cheam, Sts’ailes, Sq’éwlets, and Seabird Island people.

With a more expansive remanufacturing facility, we’re not only boosting our workforce but also ramping up our output. Our annual production is set to surge to 25 MMBF in the coming years, aligning with our steadfast commitment to adding significant value to British Columbia’s rich fibre resources.

History - Grand Opening
History - Opening
PowerWood Conventional Kilns
About Us: Jake

Sustainable Practices: Local Manufacturing for a Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our ability to ship finished products rather than rough green materials over long distances has reduced our carbon footprint and our impact the environment, and our ability to perform all processing and manufacturing locally is also of benefit to British Columbians, with lower carbon emissions resulting from being able to do everything closer to the source in our value-added sector.

Crafting Excellence

At PowerWood, our passion for turning B.C.’s Western red cedar and Alaskan yellow cedar into products that look spectacular and last for 100 years resonates from the top to the bottom of the company. We encourage everyone to grow as an individual and as a professional, even if it takes them beyond PowerWood. We want people in the industry to know that this is a place to grow and learn.

The result has been some of the finest value-added Western red cedar and Alaskan yellow cedar products in the world.


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