Douglas Fir Lumber

Versatile Excellence: PowerWood Offers a Selection of Mixed Grain and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Lumber for Rough and Finished Products.

PowerWood, located in Agassiz, British Columbia, stands out as an excellent source for top-quality Douglas fir lumber. Our unwavering commitment to systematic quality assurance in lumber production is evident. This commitment is clearly reflected in the diverse range of products we offer. Each product is meticulously crafted to cater to both rough and finished applications. At PowerWood, we prioritize understanding and meeting your specific needs, and our extensive selection of Douglas fir lumber is tailored to exceed your expectations.

Discover the Value in Our Competitive Douglas Fir Lumber Pricing

Moreover, our transparent and competitive lumber pricing is designed to ensure that you receive the best value for your investment. We take pride in our fair and reasonable pricing for Douglas fir lumber. This accessibility extends to a wide range of wholesale distributors and industrial users.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty and quality of our Douglas fir clears. These premium cuts showcase exceptional grain and minimal knots, making them an ideal choice for various high-end applications. Whether you’re engaged in an architectural interior, a factory application, or structural timber elements, our clears exemplify the natural elegance inherent in Douglas fir.

Elevate your product offerings with our range of Douglas fir finish and pattern options. Transitioning to the unique needs of each company, we understand the importance of customization. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of finishes and patterns, catering to both stocking preferences and custom order requirements. From smooth finishes to intricate patterns, it seamlessly adds a touch of sophistication to any application.

Celebrated for Unrivaled Structural Integrity and Natural Decay Resistance

For projects requiring strength and durability, explore our offering of Douglas fir timbers. Renowned for their structural integrity and natural resistance to decay, our timbers stand as a reliable choice for various construction applications. Whether you’re in the process of building a pergola, framing a structure, or creating architectural features, our timbers guarantee exceptional performance.

Douglas Fir Range of Products

PowerWood takes pride in offering a range of Douglas fir lumber grades to suit diverse project requirements. From clear grades with minimal defects to select and appearance grades for more rustic applications, our grading options ensure that you find the perfect fit for your companies needs or special project.

On the west coast of British Columbia, we have the privilege to be able to offer the timeless beauty of vertical grain Douglas fir. Known for its straight grain and uniform appearance, this lumber type adds a touch of elegance to any application. Ideal for both structural and aesthetic purposes, it is a versatile choice for discerning architects and designers.

PowerWood has a range of finish manufacturing equipment allowing us to offer

  • 1-inch
  • 5/4-inch
  • 2-inch

For a variety of applications:

The versatility of dimensions make PowerWood a go-to option for buyers that require a supplier that can cover their range of needs.

Thermally Modified

Explore the innovative world of thermally modified douglas fir at PowerWood. This process enhances the wood’s stability and resistance to decay, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. Experience its beauty with the added benefits of thermal modification for a truly exceptional product. The thermal modification process turns douglas fir a deeper chocolate colour that looks similar to Western red cedar.  

Learn More about Thermally Modified Wood

Custom Patterns

Tailored to Perfection: Explore PowerWood's Custom Douglas Fir Lumber Patterns

Add a distinctive touch to your projects with our wide range of Douglas fir patterns. Whether you prefer a classic look or a more intricate design, our patterns provide endless possibilities for customization. You can pour through our pattern catalogue, or design something new. PowerWood is your source for creative design in high-quality, patterned Douglas fir lumber that brings your vision to life.

Explore Custom Patterns

Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Lumber

Power in consistency

At PowerWood, we recognize the unique appeal of vertical grain Douglas fir lumber. This type of lumber combines the consistent grain patterns of vertical grain with the renowned strength and durability. Consequently, the result is a product that not only performs exceptionally but also adds a distinct character to your projects.

Patterns for Vertical Grain

We offer a diverse range of vertical grain patterns that creates a visual impact, setting your projects apart. Choose from our curated selection to find the perfect pattern for your specific application.

Thermally Modified Vertical Grain Lumber

For those looking to invest in the performance of their projects, consider thermally modified vertical grain Douglas fir. This innovative treatment enhances the wood’s resistance to moisture, decay, and insects, making it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications. PowerWood stands as your trusted source for high-quality, thermally modified lumber that seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality.

Clear Douglas Fir Lumber

Explore the possibilities

Clear Douglas fir lumber at PowerWood is synonymous with quality and strength. Additionally, mixed grain Douglas fir in clear grades is meticulously chosen for minimal knots and defects. Our clear Douglas fir lumber undergoes a rigorous industry-leading quality control scrutiny, specifically selecting it for growth rings to ensure its natural beauty is showcased in the final product. As you explore the possibilities for your customers’ projects, rest assured that our clear Douglas fir lumber meets the high expectations we specify for our loyal wholesale and industrial customers.

Clear Custom Patterns

Allow your customers to unleash their creativity with our selection of clear Douglas Fir patterns. These patterns not only highlight the wood’s natural beauty but also offer you the opportunity to stock the shelves of your local retailer or meet the unique needs of a creative architect. Whether your customers are involved in designing furniture, paneling, or architectural features, our PowerWood Custom patterns make it easy to provide your clients with the products they need.

Thermally Modified Clear Lumber

Take your projects to the next level with thermally modified clear Douglas fir. Beyond enhancing the wood’s durability, this advanced treatment brings out rich tones and grain patterns, resulting in a stunning visual impact with a chocolatey brown hue. PowerWood stands as your trusted partner for top-quality, thermally modified clear lumber, seamlessly combining aesthetics with exceptional performance.

Crafted Excellence: Unleashing the Quality and Versatility of Power Wood's Douglas Fir Lumber

PowerWood stands as your go-to destination for premium Douglas fir lumber in British Columbia. Whether you’re in search of clears, vertical grain, mixed grain, or thermally modified options, our commitment to quality ensures that you receive lumber that meets the highest standards. Explore the beauty and versatility of timbers at PowerWood, where excellence is ingrained in every piece, we invite you to explore our comprehensive selection.

Feel free to call our sales team today to design a program or source what you need for a special project. With PowerWood, your journey to exceptional Douglas fir lumber begins with a commitment to quality and ends with the perfect solution for your unique requirements.

Where do I find Douglas Fir Lumber?

Contact us and we will get you a quote or direct you to a local source!

In British Columbia and a few other select regions, PowerWood will sell direct to contractors and users. However, outside of this region, we have a broad network of distributor and retailer partners in North America and around the world. Whether you’re seeking a direct purchase or working through our esteemed partners, get in touch with our premium Douglas fir wood experts today to get a quote or some sound advice!

Want to Customize Your Douglas Fir Lumber?

PowerWood can manufacture any profile of douglas fir from standard book patterns to unique profiles for a single use – cut to order for your special requirements.