Select Grade Lumber

At PowerWood, we don’t just make the grade;
we ace it!

When it comes to select grade lumber, PowerWood specializes in two different lines of kiln dried cedar lumber: Clear Dense Grain Cedar and Rough Dry Select Tight Knot Cedar.

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We’ll source out the select grade lumber you need and manufacture your order to exact specifications.

Rough Dry Select Tight Knot Cedar

Manufactured from logs containing only live knots, Powerwood STK is 100% tight knot, allowing no holes or knots that will become holes during manufacture. Our STK is custom cut at a sawmill where we target quality knot structure and long tallies…

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Clear Dense Grain Cedar – Kiln Dried, Mixed and Vertical Grain Cedar

Powerwood produces and stocks a wide range of kiln dried western red cedar clears cut predominantly from old growth logs harvested from multiple locations in British Columbia, all material is inspected during saw-milling and analysed by a number of different criteria…

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We Know Cedar!

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