Industry Experts

Meet the PowerWood Team of Industry Experts

The PowerWood team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds in the lumber industry. Many have extensive experience in operations and quality control, and all our sales staff possess grading tickets, showcasing their expertise.

Beyond product knowledge, our team is well-versed in the markets we serve, particularly when it comes to Cedar. This deep understanding allows us to navigate the industry with precision and cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Along with knowing the products, our team knows our markets and we know Cedar!

What truly fuels our team is a profound passion for transforming this invaluable resource into something spectacular. We aim to create special building products that stand the test of time, with durability that lasts for a remarkable 100 years.

This passion isn’t confined to a select few; it resonates throughout the entire company, from top to bottom. At PowerWood, our decision-making process is inherently driven by passion, and our collective goal is to enhance the potential of this precious resource.

Nestled in the scenic Fraser Valley of Agassiz, British Columbia, our facilities span 12.2 acres, occupying the traditional territory of the Cheam, Sts’ailes, Sq’éwlets, and Seabird Island people.

With a vast expanse of 110,000 square feet of dry space, the PowerWood facilities in Agassiz are meticulously planned for optimal functionality. This strategic design ensures efficient production of a wide range of specialty and commodity products.

Our comprehensive setup allows us to seamlessly navigate every stage of the process, from raw material handling to the meticulous crafting of the finished product.

Executive Team & Sales

Team: Jake

Jake Power

President & Managing Director

Team: Dustin Elliott

Dustin Elliott

Head of On-facility Operations

Team: Steve

Steve Power

Founder, Past President

Team: Brian

Brian Helem

Head of Export Business Development

Team" Stewart

Stewart Clark

Head of North American Business Development


Denise Elliott

Sales (North America) and Domestic Logistics

Team: Michael

Michael Ren


Team: Ryan

Ryan Walters

Sales (North America)

Tean: New

Tod McCallum

Sales (Export)

Team: Kristie

Kristie Baouya

Marketing Manager


Team: Matt

Matt Curtin

Quality Control Coordinator

Team: Lee

Lee Pettit

Production Coordinator

Team: Sean

Sean Geldart

Facility & Inventory Manager

Justine Lanteigne

Head of Compliance

Dalton Grimm


Jacqueline Purser

Jacqueline Purser

Health & Safety



Cindy McDivitt

Export Logistics & Inventory Data

Tean: New

Liz Tucker

Accounts Payable & Accounting

Team: Michelle

Michelle Raymond

Accounts Receivable


Rob Fail


Team: Riley

Riley Gilbert-Burne

Marketing & Business Analyst