Fingerjointed Western Red Cedar Lumber

Seamless Strength, Timeless Beauty – Crafted to Perfection

What is fingerjointed cedar lumber?

Fingerjointed lumber incorporates finger joints for added strength and stability on dimension lumber, PowerWood’s Fingerjointed products,  like Western Red, are meticulously crafted by joining shorter kiln-dried lumber pieces, characterized by straight grain and fewer natural defects. This process involves machining a ‘finger’ profile at each end, applying structural adhesive, and end-gluing the pieces for a longer, more robust piece of lumber.  

The fingerjointing technique involves cutting fingers to a greater depth in structural joints, providing superior bonding compared to traditional butt joints. The fingers may run parallel to either the wide or narrow face of the wood, and appropriate glues are chosen based on the intended application—whether for interior use or exposure to exterior environmental conditions.

The outcome is a Western Red Cedar fingerjointed lumber board graded for architectural and appearance purposes, suitable for various construction applications.

Fingerjointed Western Red Cedar Lumber

Unlocking Key Advantages for Your Projects

Straightness: Achieve optimal straightness in construction projects. 

Dimensional Stability: Experience minimal warping, thanks to the randomized grain pattern along the length of finger-joined lumber. 

Interchangeability: Seamlessly integrate with non-fingerjointed lumber for versatile applications. 

Sustainable and Efficient Wood Fiber Utilization: Maximize the use of wood fiber through an engineered manufacturing process and reducing waste. 

Price: Fingerjointing allows us to produce long lengths of defect free, or “clear”, cedar at prices that are a fraction of solid clear cedar costs. 

Tallies: The finger jointing process allows us to build tallies that are almost exclusively 16’ & 20’ lengths, compared to solid wood that must be supplied in a more random assortment. 

Design Advantages

Straightness and Dimensional Stability: Shorter, straight-grained pieces are combined for a longer, stable lumber piece. 

Edge Glued: 2-inch finger-jointed lumber will be edge-glued and bonded along their edges to create a broader board.

Randomized Grain Pattern: The non-uniform grain pattern reduces the likelihood of warping. 

Defect Reduction: Strength-reducing defects are minimized or eliminated, resulting in a structurally reliable wood product with consistent engineering properties. 

Finger Jointed
Durable Excellence: Revealing the Quality and Versatility of PowerWood's Fingerjointed Western Red Cedar Lumber

PowerWood’s Fingerjointed Cedar Lumber offers a superior alternative, providing strength, stability, and efficiency in a variety of construction applications. Elevate your projects with our engineered wood solution! Ask us about our Fingerjointed options. 

Where do I find Fingerjointed Cedar Lumber?

Contact us and we will get you a quote or direct you to a local source!

In British Columbia and a few other select regions, PowerWood will sell direct to contractors and users. Outside of this region, we have a broad network of distributor and retailer partners in North America and around the world. Get in touch with our premium cedar experts today to get a quote or some sound advice!

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There is no limit on patterns we can produce. Your imagination is the limit!

Fingerjointed Western red cedar can be customized into any of our vast assortment custom patterns.

Choose from:

  • tongue and groove cedar siding
  • shiplap siding
  • bevel cedar siding profiles
  • soffit
  • fascia
  • trim etc…

PowerWood is able to make any profile you have visioned.

Custom Patterns

Want to Customize Your Fingerjointed Cedar Lumber?

PowerWood can manufacture any profile of Western red cedar from standard book patterns to unique profiles for a single use – cut to order for your special requirements.