Structural and Appearance Grade Cedar Timbers

At PowerWood, we don’t just make the grade;
we ace it!

Cedar timber can serve so many purposes. It can frame an elegant West Coast contemporary project, beautify a log home, enhance a backyard project – the list goes on and on.  So it’s important to know which kind of cedar timber is best suited for your particular construction needs.

If it’s purely for aesthetic reasons, then we invite you to check out our impressive selection of PowerWood Appearance Grade Cedar Timbers.

However, if you have engineering requirements for structural use such as building a walk way, etc., then your best option is to check out our thorough Structural Grade Cedar Timbers menu. That’s where you’ll find a everything from dry cedar timbers to large cedar timbers to custom cedar timbers – all of which can be graded for appearance and/or structural uses.

Structural Grade Cedar Timbers

PowerWood provides cedar timber frame material that is graded and certified for select structural applications with legal documentation confirming the grade is rated in accordance to standards set out by the National Lumber Grading Authority (NLGA)…

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Appearance Grade Cedar Timbers

PowerWood’s stock of cedar timber is built around the species’ superior aesthetics. Our stock is either all clear of knots and defects or is select tight knot. For further quality control, PowerWood experts inspect every piece before it’s shipped…

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We Know Cedar!

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