Vertical Garden Beds
DIY project

Looking for a fun and easy hands on project?

All you need is a few simple tools. Powerwood can provide you the pre-cut, prefinished materials and hardware to make your own vertical garden beds.

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Cedar your way

Bringing your projects to life through custom patterns is our goal. Our philosophy of consistency shows up on our customers’ bottom line.

Custom Patterns

Your imagination is the limit.

PowerWood can manufacture standard and unique profiles to order for a customer's special requirements. There is no limit on patterns we can produce.


We don’t just make the grade; we ace it!

We carry a large variety of lumber, specialty products and custom patterns. We consistently deliver premium cedar products on time, on grade and on budget.

Cedar Timbers

Cedar timbers can serve so many purposes.

It’s important to know which kind of cedar timber is best suited for your particular construction needs. We invite you to check out our impressive selection at PowerWood.

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